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Pest Control

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Service Description

Our inside pest control program is designed specifically for Florida homes to be both safe and effective. The most advanced products are applied professionally by highly trained technicians. Pests covered by our service include carpenter ants, household ants, various roaches, silverfish, crickets, scorpions and spiders, as well as other common household pests. Inside Annual Pest Control Treatment: Baits Placed In Wall Voids Behind Electric Plates | Cracks And Crevices Treated | All Entry Points Treated | Windows And Doors Treated | Gel Baits In Cabinets And Around Plumbing | Specialized Ant Baiting | Garage And Attic Treatment. Outside Quarterly Pest Control Treatment: Under Eaves Treated | Wasp/Hornet Nest Treated Windows, Thresholds And Other Entry Points Treated | Foundation Of Home Treated | All Visible Ant Mounds In Yard Are Treated | Granular Bait Used Around Perimeter Of Home.

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