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pest control

Our pest control program is designed specifically for Florida homes to be both safe and effective.  The most advanced products are applied professionally by highly trained technicians.  

Pests covered by our service include carpenter ants, household ants, various roaches, silver fish, crickets, scorpions, spiders as well as other common household pests.  


Initial inside treatment:

  • Baits placed in wall voids behind electric plates

  • Cracks and crevices treated

  • All entry points treated

  • Windows and doors treated

  • Gel baits in cabinets and around plumbing

  • Specialized ant baiting

  • Garage treatment

Continuous outside Quarterly treatment:

  • Under eaves swept and treated

  • Wasps/hornets nests treated

  • Windows, thresholds and other entry points treated

  • Foundation of home treated

  • Granular bait used around perimeter of home

  • All visible ant mounds in yard treated

Our pledge and guarantee: If you encounter a pest problem at any time between your regular serviced treatments, we will return and retreat at no additional cost.

No add on or hidden charges

One program covers it all! 


In our Florida environment, pests move into our homes and onto our properties almost overnight.  

Customized bi monthly lawn care:

  • No premixed applications

  • Customized spray applications for each lawns needs

  • Seasonally designed fertilization

  • Micro-nutrient and iron applications

  • Sidewalks and driveways cleaned after granular fertilizations

  • pH stabilizing and lime applications at no additional fee

  • Lawn damaging insect control (chinch bugs, sod wed worms, grubs, etc.)

  • Flea and fire ant control included

  • Disease control for brown patch fungus

  • Weed control including broadleaf and sedge weed

  • Complete service every other month

  • Soil testing when needed to identify special needs

  • Informative checklist after each application

  • Commerical and residential lawn treatment

Customized bi monthly Shrub Care:

  • Insect control against all shrub damaging insects

  • Fungus and disease control

  • Micro nutrient applications

  • Soil testing when needed

  • Custom blended seasonal fertilizations

  • Palm care, fertilization and spray applications

  • State certified licensed and insured

  • Informative checklist after each application



Termites are small, but they cause big damage.  Did you know Florida is one of the highest subterranean termite infestation areas in the world?

When it comes to protecting your biggest investment from termites, you can trust the professionals at Best Pest. 


Using Americas #1 termite control product, Termidor, the pros at Best Pest can quickly, and efficiently exterminate the entire termite population that is threatening your property. 


  • Termidor is a non-repellent perimeter wrap treatment

  • Termites cannot detect the Termidor perimeter wrap.  Therefore they move through it, contact and ingest it

  • Termidor's unique transfer effect is what sets it apart from any other termite product in the world.  Because termites cannot detect the Termidor transfer zone, they unknowingly carry it back to the colony where other members eat it, touch it, spread it and die.  

Call Best Pest control and get the peace of mind you need.  

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